While I like to get in touch with fellow movie poster collectors, please read the following frequently asked questions first!

Are your posters for sale?

No, I don’t sell any of the movie posters shown on this website. Exception: I will only sell in case I have multiple copies of a poster. This will be indicated at each individual page, but this is NOT the purpose of this website!

If you don’t sell them, why are you showing them?

Well, the main reason is because I wanted to have a way to view my collection without having to handle the posters and risk damaging them each time

What’s the value of your collection?

I honestly don’t know that… and I don’t care! I don’t collect movie posters as an investment, but for nostalgic / sentimental reasons and because I liked a certain movie. You won’t find any poster here for a movie that I didn’t like.. (oh well, in retrospect maybe Batman & Robin)…

Why do you collect only original movie posters? A reprint is much cheaper!

Well, there are several reasons for that:
1) Only an original movie poster was issued by the movie studio for the promotion of their film. It was never intended for sale. For me this means owning a piece of movie history.
2) Printing and paper quality are much better for original movie posters than for reprints, especially when studios started issuing rolled double sided posters.
3) Reprints often don’t have the same size as the original movie poster and additional credits / information by a issuing company.

Do you collect video posters?

No. Video posters don’t hold the same value and feelings for me as an original movie poster.

You’re from Germany. Why is your site in English?

There are simply not enough serious movie poster collectors in Germany (as far as I know) and by doing this site in English will keep it open for an international audience.